Tank Cleaning Equipment

Multi-Tank CIP Skids

Electrol Specialties Company’s Multi-Tank Single-Use (MTSU) CIP Systems  are unlike it’s proprietary STSU and SUEA skids described on other pages of this site.  This category is individually custom designed to incorporate ESC concepts and experience to comply with RFQ’s strongly oriented to user requirements.  Though also designed to provide fully automated cleaning of the process equipment and piping of pilot to production scale biotech and pharmaceutical processes, the component configurations more commonly address water supply considerations (multiple water tanks of larger volume for low flow pure water loops), special operating needs (single pass CIP with no recycle of any phase to assure no cross contamination), or solution supply flow rates in excess of the common 40-80 Gpm (150-300LPM).  A typical CIP skid includes two or more tanks, atmospheric or ASME, and perhaps insulated for SIP of the skid, for water supply and wash solution recirculation, CIP supply pump, heat exchanger, flow control valves, instrumentation, chemical addition system (optional) and control panel . . . arranged in footprints of various sizes and shapes to meet RFQ requirements.

Tank Cleaning Equipment

A common form of a two tank skid is shown in two views to the left and right.

The photograph in the lower right hand corner is a large multi-tank skid comprised of two (2) STTR CIP Skids (far right) rated 300 Gpm each supported by very large tanks for Water and Waste Discharge. The Waste buffer tank served to reduce and even out the flow to the facility waste system derived from two STTR single-use CIP systems running on different circuits.

Multi-Tank Single-Use (MTSU) CIP Systems

The standard STSU and STTR CIP skids support cleaning operations:

  • At flow rates to 80 gpm (300 LPM).
  • With the volume of cleaning solution required to fill the CIPS/R piping plus 2-3 gal (7-10L) for the STSU Bypass skid, or 12-15 gal (45-60L) for the STTR skid..
  • Gravity return may suffice when applied in multi-floor facilities.  CIP return pumps are required for vessels at same level as either skid.  Conventional low-speed (1750 Rpm) centrifugal pumps are preferred as the unique bypass operation of the STSU or level controlled return flow of the STTR eliminate all normal flow balancing problems and assure a minimal puddle in the vessel being cleaned and reliable continuous return flow.
  • Both skids require the supply of water of the required quality at a flow rate slightly in excess of the maximum required CIP flow.
  • Higher capacity skids are custom designed to customer requirements.  The skid shown at the left is a high volume STTR type capable of 300 Gpm applied to spray multiple large vessels in parallel  Note the 3″ OD StSt piping and large steam valve.



Multi-Tank Single Use CIP skids complement the broad ESC product line of CIP systems, transfer panels, spray devices and custom process equipment