Portable CIP Skids

Electrol Specialties Company has developed a unique patented portable CIP system that offers the pharmaceutical/biotech industry a portable CIP system that can truly be called portable.  This family of CIP skids combines the proven ESC single-use design philosophy for fully automated CIP, while minimizing chemical and water usage, in the least possible size system.

The basic system provides flow rates to clean tanks from 10 gal (25 L) to 700 gal (2500 L) volume, in combination with lines up to 1-1/2” – 2” (38 – 50 mm) diameter.

The Model CIP2000E system provides full technical capabilities while maintaining a footprint that allows it to pass through a 3 ft (1 M) wide doorway.  The actual footprint of the unit is 34 in. (0.9 M) wide by 84 in. (2.1 M) long by 75 in. (1.9 M) high.  The system weighs iess than 1,150 lbs (520 kg).

The Model CIP2000E can be wheeled into place and hooked up in minutes with only one electrical connection to make, along with the CIP supply, CIP return and water connection(s).  A CIP Return pump is often not required.

Portable CIP


ESC provides  complete material traceability data, weld maps, weld logs, and hardware/software factory acceptance test (FAT)  for your  validation turnover documentation package.  Additional validation assistance is available.

Portable CIP Systems complement the broad ESC product line of CIP systems, transfer panels, spray devices and custom process equipment.


  •   Compact footprint, 34 in. (0.9 M) wide by 84 in. (2.1 M) long by 75 in. (1.9 M) high)
  •   CIP return connection is close to the floor for efficient gravity return and discharge to drain from vessels with low-level outlets.
  •    HXR with 45 kVA electric heater.
  •    Variable speed CIP supply pump
  •  PLC control with touch screen operator interface and data recorder.  Pre-programmed and ready for use.
  • Complete instrumentation package including:
    • CIP Supply Pressure
    • CIP Supply Flow Rate
    • CIP Supply Temperature
    • CIP Return Temperature
    • CIP Return Conductivity
    • CIP Return Resistivity
  •  Convenient, accurate, and safe automated chemical injection.
  •  Constructed to meet cGMP, Gamp, 3-A, and BPE standards.


  • Electrical heating version*
  • pH sensor
  • Passivation
  •  Electropolish finish
  • Automated final rinse sampling

See following pages for additional application and operating information.

Patent Awarded


Portable CIP Skids