Portable CIP Skids


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The Alkaline cleaner (referred to as Caustic but actually CIP-100) can be added in a PLC  controlled quantity by  pressing F8 ADD CAUSTIC.  This slide shows the flow path for recirculation  and continued heating during the addition of CIP-100.

This demonstration/teaching CIP system is very small.  CIP-100 added at the rate of 1 ounce per gallon of water in the wash solution (very mild) will be accomplished in only 7 seconds, as approximately 1.75 gallons of water passes through the Venturi feeder.  The CIP-100 in this small “slug” of water will subsequently be distributed by mixing during continued heating and recirculation involving the puddle of about 4 gallons in the vessel and also in the volume of about 1.5 gallons in the HXR.

In most commercially installed and operating single-use by-pass CIP systems the chemical addition will occur during 2-3 passages of water through the Venturi feeder and will therefore be equally distributed in the circuit at the time of addition.