PDA Mini CIP Valves and Pump


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  1. The Water Tank provides the singular function of isolating the CIP circuit containing soil and chemicals from the facility water supply.  It is a “break-tank”.
  2. This Water Tank is intended from atmospheric operation only and is fitted with a flat bottom pitched to an outlet pod 3″ID and approximately 6″ in length.  This design permits the centrifugal CIP Supply pump to maintain full flow until the last quart of water enters the pump inlet line.  No vortexing occurs as the tank empties.
  3. The flow of water from the tank to the CIP Pump is controlled by the Water Valve.
  4. The pump inlet line includes a cross which is connected to the Water Valve, the Return (Recycle) Valve, and also to the 1/2″ outlet line from the Chemical Feed Venturi.  All flows are to the CIP Pump.
  5. The Drain Valve can be seen on the far side of the pump inlet line.