Caustic Wash


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The Caustic Wash  will begin after (a) the TEMPERATURE reaches set=point for the first time, following which the PLC will invoke CONDUCTIVITY SENSOR operation to verify the presence of an adequate concentration of the alkaline cleaner.

At that time the GALS register will clear (reset to 0) and begin tantalizing the gallons being circulated during the Caustic Wash.  This value will be compared to the Wash Volume set=point and when the two match, the program will step ahead to the DRAIN CIRCUIT step. 

For teaching purposes, the Peristaltic Pump and Filter vent valve will be  manually controlled per directions provided to control passage of flush, wash and rinse solutions through the Filter Housing and Peristaltic Pump in parallel with the Mixing Tank  which is being sprayed.  When the pump speed is advanced to 7 to achieve 5 Fps in the 1″ Flexline connections, an increased volume of solution will be diverted from the spray path, causing a slight drop in spray pressure, but continued spray washing of the vessel.  The general operating conditions will be unchanged. 

And, as noted previously, during the Caustic Wash the WATER TANK will be re-filled with  Hot Potable water.

Caustic wash times (volumetrically controlled) may range form 5-10 minutes for lightly soiled equipment to as much as two hours or more  for heavily soils, or for large multi-path piping circuits.  Temperature may also be varied.