System Fill


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This step is the first of a series of steps critical to proper performance of ALL Single-Tank By-Pass CIP Skid CIP programs.  Following completion of the PRE-RINSE and DRAIN steps the circuit can be filled with a pre-determined quantity of Hot Potable Water by pressing F5 SYSTEM FILL & RECIRC

  1. The DRAIN valve V04 will close and RETURN (Recycle) valve V03 will remain closed.  The WATER valve V02 will open to admit water to the CIP Pump suction manifold.
  2. The PLC will provide a brief WAIT (perhaps 2-3 second set-point) for water to fill the pump head and wet the seal, purging all air from the pump casing.
  3. Next, the FI (flow indicator) logic driven on turbine meter pulse input) will be activated and the CIP Pump VFD will be activated.  Since there is no flow at this time, the VFD will start the pump and ramp up towards full Rpm.
  4. The initial pump discharge through an empty line providing essentially no back pressure will cause a substantial flow rate overshoot and a couple of cycles of output oscillation will settle on the set-point value, which for this small system is 15 Gpm.
  5. As the initial water passes the FI meter pulses will be accumulated and converted to gallons which will be displayed in the GALS register on the P&ID screen.
  6. When the GALS register is equal to the SYSTEM FILL set-point value, the WATER Valve V02 will close and the RETURN (Recycle) valve V03 will open, establishing recirculation from the vessel being cleaned to the pump and thence forward through the spray back to the vessel.  The WATER TANK  is by-passed; i.e., it is not used as a CIP Skid solution tank.
  7. During the final PRE-RINSE DRAIN the CIPR SENSOR MANIFOLD will have fully drained.  Air in this piping will be displaced by water draining from the vessel during the initial part of this step, moving backwards to the vessel.  As the flow path changes from “fill” to “recycle” residual air in this manifold may cause a short duration fluctuation in CIP Pump discharge pressure as some air works through the pump head to the spray.  Within a short time a constant flow will be established, at a constant supply pressure.
  8. For this very small circuit the SYSTEM FILL volume is 7 gallons, the CIP flow rate is 15 Gpm and the Pump Discharge Pressure is about 15 Psi.