Mini-CIP Flow Rate Calculations


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The objective of this slide is to apply the information from the previous lecture to provide understanding of the important CIP parameters for cleaning vessels and lines.

  1. The Tank, having a diameter of 1.5 feet, will be sprayed at 2.5 Gpm/Ft Circumference, equivalent to 12 Gpm.
  2. The simple static ball spray was drilled for 12 Gpm at 15 Psi, this pressure being more than adequate to assure spray stream reach in a small tank.
  3. The Tygon Flexline to be cleaned in combination with the tank, has a diameter equivalent to 1″ StSt tubing and thus requires, per lookup table, 9.0 Gpm to provide a velocity of 5 Fps.
  4. It was determined via experimentation at PDA that a Peristaltic Pump speed setting of 3 would pass approximately 3.0 Gpm, hence a delivery rate of 15 G Gpm to simultaneously spray the tank at 12 Gpm and continuously pass a low flow through the tubing.
  5. At one minute intervals the demonstration incudes (a) opening the filter vent for a few seconds to remove accumulated air from the housing, and then (b) changing the speed of the pump to 7 which provides a flow of 5 Gpm and demonstrates the ability to move air bubbles downwards through the 1″ Flexline, thus assuring solution contact with all surfaces.