PDA Mini-CIP Control Panel


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Left – This overall view of the Control Panel end of the Mini-CIP Skid shows a glass beaker used as the Chemical Reservoir for instructional purposes in place of the 2-Compartment Tank provided for use of CIP-100 (Alkaline Cleaner) and (CIP-200 (Acid Cleaner).

Right – This view of the upper portion of the Control Panel includes the Door Lock/Power Switch (upper right), the Operator HMI, the Emergency Stop Button, and beneath that, the 4-pen chart recorder for Flow (Gpm), Temperature (degrees F), Conductivity and Resitivity.  These important CIP variables are scanned in succession continuously, but not recorded for instructional operation.  This data, as well as supply pressure (Psi) could be dumped to a connected Laptop or computer.