PDA Teaching Apparatus


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Left – The demo circuit, consisting of a small tank, filter and peristaltic pump connected with 1″ Tygon Flexline, provides the ability to simulate the cleaning of a vessels in parallel with a transfer path incorporating a filter housing and a pump, run in reverse flow mode for CIP and used to regulate the flow through the transfer line.  This provides an example of Device Sequencing by manually (1) first opening the filter vent valve to allow entrained air to escape from the filter housing, and then (2) increasing the peristaltic pump speed to a setting equivalent to 5 Fps through the 1″ Tygon Flexline for a few seconds of every minute. 

Right – This view shows the tube extension of the CIPR Manifold to connect to the tank outlet tee with 1-1/2″ Tygon Flexline.  And, the reduced diameter (1″) down pipe from the Drain Valve to the Hub Drain appears along the skid support rail.  Return flow is motivated only by gravity, and the available static head is approximately 18″ from the tank outlet to the end of the downpipe. The reduced diameter downpipe will fill, creating a siphoning action of about 1-1/2 foot negative head, and increasing the flow rate through the 1″ (7/8″ ID) tank outlet nozzle. A vortex breaker in the vessel enables recycle with about 3-4″ of solution above the outlet opening.