Schematic Mixing & Filtration

Mixing and Filtration Skids

Mixing Skid and Filtration Skid Illustration

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This slide illustrates the minimal required equipment necessary to mix a drug, and complete a sterile filtration into a receiving container (carboy or flexible bag), using the symbols developed for this sequence of slides.  The mixing tank is an open top conical bottom tank.  A peristaltic pump could be used for the filtration transfer, with flex lines for the piping.  The objective is to illustrate the components which would be soiled on completion of the drug Mixing and Filtration. These components were parts gifts to the PDA and are not intended to be representative of what is necessary in the real world.  A current project has the objective of obtaining and cratering a system which would simulate current practices for CIP and SIP of an ASME Mixing Tank with a magnetically driven agitator and possibly a diaphragm pump.