Pump Carts

Electrol Specialties Company (ESC) designs and fabricates custom pump carts for use in the food, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries. The pump carts are built to specific requirements for the application such as hygienic design standard, materials compatibility, surface finish, and area electrical classification.

Pump carts can be as simple as on/off manual operation or as sophisticated as having a PLC controller and HMI screens.

ESC can perform hydraulic calculations to ensure correct pump selection given the solution being pumped and temperature range of operation.

Pump Cart Options include the following:

  • Construction for cGMP, 3-A, and BPE Standards
  • Self-Priming Liquid RingĀ Pumps for CIP Return
  • Magnetic Coupled Drive for Volatile Solvents
  • Motor Starter or VFD Speed Control
  • Manual or Automatic Valves
  • Gauges and Instruments
  • In-Line Heater
  • In-line Chemical Ingredient Addition and Mixing
  • PLC and HMI
  • Classified Area Electrical Construction
  • UL Stamp

ESC provides complete material traceability data, weld maps, weld logs, and hardware/software factory acceptance test (FAT) as part of the customer turnover documentation package. Additional validation assistance is available.

Custom Pump Cart

Pump Cart by ESC for solvent application in active pharmaceutical ingredient formulation process. The Pump Cart has a magnetically coupled centrifugal pump, sight glass flow feed verification, mass flow meter, pressure gauge, manual valves, and VFD speed control. The Pump Cart is constructed for use in a Class 1, Division 1, hazard location.


Pump Cart by ESC for pharmaceutical ingredient formulation process.The Pump Cart has a hygienic centrifugal pump, analog instruments, and automated valves. A venturi chemical feeder provides CIP detergent addition and an in-line electric heat exchanger maintains solution temperature. A mini-PLC controller and HMI provide for semi-automatic operation.


Portable Tank by ESC used with a Pump Cart for high-purity water. The Portable Tank is 316 L stainless steel material, atmospheric construction with high-level overflow tube, sight glasses, and temperature gauge.