Single-Use Eductor-Assisted CIP Skids

Electrol Specialties Company’s proprietary SUEA CIP skid is an Eductor-Assisted CIP System designed to significantly reduce the water, chemical, and utility requirements for CIP operations and the resulting effluent, eliminate all circuit balancing problems, and substantially improve evacuation of all flush, wash and rinse fluids from the equipment being cleaned.  The SUEA CIP system is generally used in large scale production facilities for cleaning transportation, storage, and processing tanks after each use, and in addition extensive process piping systems.

The standard SUEA CIP skid supports cleaning operations:

  • At flow rates to 100 gpm (380 LPM).
  • With less cleaning solution than is required to fill the CIPS/R piping plus 15 gal (60L) of water in the CIP circuit.
  • When applied in multi-floor facilities, CIP return pumps are generally required only for vessels at same level as the SUEA skid, all other return being accomplished by gravity supplemented by the SUEA vacuum.
  • Higher capacity skids are custom designed to customer requirements.

Single-Use Eductor-Assisted CIP Skids

ESC provides complete material traceability data, weld maps, weld logs, and hardware/software factory acceptance test (FAT)  for your validation turnover documentation package.  Additional validation assistance is available.

SUEA CIP Systems complement the broad ESC product line of CIP systems, transfer panels, spray devices and custom process equipment.


  • Conical bottom recirculation tank with tangential CIP return flow inlet to maximize air disengagement and static down leg to provide C
    IP supply pump required NPSH with minimum water usage.
  • CIP supply and motive pumps.
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Optimized operation for reduced water and chemical usage decreases purified water consumption and waste neutralization load.
  • Convenient, accurate, and safe automated chemical injection.
  • Complete instrumentation package including:
  • CIP Supply Pressure
  • CIP Supply Flow Rate
  • CIP Supply Temperature
  • CIP Return Temperature
  • CIP Return Conductivity
  • CIP Return Resistivity
  • Constructed to meet cGMP, Gamp, 3-A, and BPE standards.


  • pH sensor
  • Passivation
  • Electropolish finish
  • Automated final rinse sampling