SUEA Operation Step – Fill Water Tank

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  1. Open WV1 to admit water to the WATER tank.
  2. Monitor level probes LP or alternative analog type level sensor.
  3. Wait for tank to fill.
  4. Open water valve to CIPS pump, CIPS flow control valve to circuit and Recirculation Tank Supply valve to spray.
  5. Wait 3 seconds for pump head to fill with water.
  6. Turn CIPS PUMP On, monitor and control flow to circuit via FE and CIPS Flow control Valve, and monitor Recirculation Tank Level via analog sensor LS.
  7. When LS reaches Operating Level close Recirculation Tank Supply valve and turn MOTIVE PUMP On and place Drain Valve under control of LS to maintain Operating Level by allowing discharge to drain as return flow commences to Recirculation Tank.
  8. Monitor FE for rinse volume, and when setpoint is reached, Turn CIP PUMP Off and close Water Supply valve to pump.
  9. Control WV1 via LP or analog level signal.
  10. Wait for first rinse to be evacuated from circuit.