Electrol Specialties Company (ESC) developed and fabricates our own proprietary venturi chemical feed system for CIP detergent metering. The venturi chemical feed system construction is customizable to meet rigorous hygienic design, materials compatibility, and surface finish requirements.

The traditional CIP chemical feed method has been diaphragm metering pumps. These pumps are difficult to keep primed during chemical drum change overs and after maintenance. And, diaphragm pumps with their associated concentrated chemical piping installation are a high maintenance concern at customer sites.

    Advantages of the ESC venturi chemical feed system are as follows:

  • Inherently self-priming due to the continuous suction
  • Easy maintenance…no moving parts
  • Reliable, reproducible, compact
  • Available with time-based or loss-of-weight metering

This venturi chemical feed system is exclusively available on ESC systems.


The ESC custom-made venturi is located in a center “cross” position. CIP motive flow moves through the cross in the vertical direction. Left- and right-side diaphragm valves control feed shut-off of two concentrated CIP chemicals, such as caustic and acid. Chemicals are immediately diluted upon being drawn under vacuum into the motive flow path.


The venturi chemical feed system is installed as a component of this ESC portable CIP system. Caustic and acid chemical detergent carboys are shown below the venturi, with interconnecting polymeric tubing. The carboys are located on scales for loss-of-weight metering.