For New Vessels

Buffer Prep Skid

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The Simple


Solution is to install a per


manently mounted flat plate Vortex Breaker in accordance with the previous slide, 2X to 3X the diameter of the outlet, and 1/2″ to 1

above the bottom of the vessel.  Some s 2500L L vessel in a 2
pment facility where sixteen Media and Buffer


prep tanks and ten bioreactors were fitted with the sizeable and robustly mounted slightly “domed”


plate perhaps 8 times the diameter of the 2″ outlet.  No puddle could be found
sadhsagjal when sprayed at 60 Gpm.  100 L Bioreactors with 1″ outlets could be sprayed at 45 Gpm with more appropriately sized vortex breakers.

Why is it necessary to spray a 10


0L Bioreactor at 45 Gpm?  The an


swer is easy if it is connected to the sa


me 2″ CIPS/R distribution piping as the

tors.  A minimum CIP flow rate of 45 Gpm is needed to meet the 5 Fps velocity requirement for all 2″ piping in the circuit, a point often overlooked by those who consider only tank diameter when specifying sprays.