As A Retrofit

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Retrofit Possibilities are applicable to the solution of some problems.  This is one of 65 vessels specified and ordered before any CIP expertise was brought to the planning table for a large Biotech project started in early 2001.  The wisdom gained by others by experimentation and in the “School of Hard Knocks” was unavailable  The problem was not recognized until start-up/commissioning personnel from the CIP vendor came on site two years later.

All efforts to achieve required return flow of 80 Gpm from this 12,000L media prep vessel fitted with a 2-1/2″ outlet valve and 2-1/2″ line to a U-Bend Transfer Panel and Return Pump failed.

Smaller 3000L Media Prep vessels were affected in the same manner for whereas the CIP flow rate specified was 60 Gpm, only 40 Gpm was possible, with an excessive puddle in the vessel.

A quick effort to obtain dimensional data for the X-Type Vortex Breakers  followed, and the tank vendor was able to supply fully detailed drawings for each of the 65 vessels.