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A review of the tank drawings revealed great consistency in design of the X-Type Webs and minor variations in placement of the diaphragm-type level sensor and RTD wells.

It was understood that field modifications of 65 vessels at the beginning of the commissioning process were unacceptable.  ESC engineers recommended application of a removeable FLAT PLATE Vortex Breaker, removeable for access to the level sensor, with minor variations in peripheral cutouts to accomodate small changes in level sensor and RTD thermo-well location relative to the vessel outlet.

Design considerations included:

(1)  The need for sufficient weight to remain essentially static in the presence of agitator operation, and as the result of high rate CIPR outlet flow.  And, the plate needed to resist lifting by any inadvertent back-flow caused by process flow control malfunctions.   The material was specified as 316L StSt , 1/2″ thick.

(2)  Slots cut into the plate would allow positioning to be accomplished by simply slipping it over the existing X-Type webs.

(3)  Establishment of height and assurance of drainability was accomplished by welding on two U-shaped rods with legs of unequal length to establish pitch.

(4)  A third U-shaped rod handle was welded to the center to assist in making the plate easily handled during installation or removal.