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This photo shows the first test Flat Plate Vortex Breaker installed in a 12,000L Media Prep Tank equipped with a 2-1/2″ outlet valve and piping to a U-Bend Transfer Panel.  Absent the Vortex Breaker, the maximum CIP flow rate achievable was 50 Gpm, with perhaps a foot of water filling the ASME dish bottom over the outlet and several hundred gallons in the circuit.

Installation of the FLAT PLATE Vortex Breaker allowed the CIP flow rate to be increased to 80.0 Gpm specified for the sprays.  Recirculation was achieved with only a couple of inches in the vessel over the vortex breaker and drainage of the puddle at the end of each CIP phase was nearly instantaneous.

The CIP cleaning of smaller 3000L Media Prep vessels with 2″ valves and outlet piping, limited to 40 Gpm less the vortex breakers, easily achieved the spray design flow rate of 60 Gpm, with a minimal puddle following installation of similar Flat Plate Vortex Breakers.