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Biopharm Equipment

Preferred Supplier of Single Tank Single Use CIP (STSU) Systems for 24 Years

For nearly 24 years ESC was the preferred supplier of SINGLE TANK SINGLE USE CIP (STSU) systems to three successive design/install engineering and marketing companies. These skids, and the associated control systems were designed to accomplish wash recycle of a vessel with only the water required to fill the CIPS/R piping, and a minimal puddle in the vessel being cleaned. They cleaned vessels in a “By-pass” mode; i.e., no solution flow through the solution tank. Tank (vessel) circuit balancing problems were totally eliminated by placing the CIP return and supply pumps in series in a closed loop with only one tank puddle to control.

The benefits included minimal water, chemicals, and time required for filling the circuit, heating and discharging spent solution to drain, and most importantly, the control of chemical concentration which was achieved by making up the smallest possible volume of solution, and using it only once, thus cleaning every circuit in a facility with fresh solution. During the first 30 years of CIP there were no instrumental methods of verifying chemical concentration. The quantities of water, and times required, for pre-flush and final rinses are related to the type (vessel or line) and size of the circuit, and are hence equal for all variations of CIP Skids. As ESC began custom fabrication of CIP Skids to user specifications for the Biopharm user, every effort possible was made to retain the operating characteristics long enjoyed by dairy, food and beverage clients.

The Single Tank Tangential Return (STTR) skid shown in the photo can nearly match the water requirements of the by-pass system while enabling also the disengagement of air in the CIPR flow. If facility water and drain flows match CIP flows, only a single tank is needed. The same operating concept can be achieved when a small solution tank is used in combination with a larger water tank in those applications where the pure water supply is less than the required CIPS flow rate. STTR Detail >>

Multi-Tank Single-Use CIP (MTSU) skids may be fitted with a larger solution tank for applications requiring the added capability of single-pass cleaning required for absolute protection against cross contamination by possible product residuals on the CIP equipment. And, two water tanks if waters of differing quality are required by the CIP program.
MTSU Skids >>

ESC’s flagship skid has received substantial acceptance in large scale production facilities for it’s superior ability to enable recycle with a minimal volume of wash solution, and also fast and complete evacuation of the total circuit after each phase of the program. The SUEA CIP skid always requires a separate water tank, but one tank may serve multiple SUEA CIP skids.

Electrol Specialties Company has developed a unique patented truly Portable CIP system most applicable to the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. This family of CIP skids combines the proven design with either electric or steam heating and either time-based or load cell based chemical addition via a maintenance free venturi feeder. The basic system provides flow rates to clean tanks from 10 gal (25 L) to 700 gal (2500 L) volume, in combination with lines up to 1-1/2” – 2” (38 – 50 mm) diameter. Many application are operative less a return pump.

ESC also fabricates a complete assortment of Optional CIP System Components which are complimentary to the application of any of the above CIP skids.

In recent years ESC has custom designed and fabricated many types of Fixed Process Skids and Portable Process Skids. These skids feature the same quality engineering design and fabrication workmanship as the CIP skids for which the company is highly recognized.

Subsequent pages in this section provide substantial information in the form of descriptions, specifications, typical applications in teaching and research, and Data Sheets, much of which can be printed by simply touching the Print icon.