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The STSU CIP unit has long been a CIP workhorse in the dairy, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. The system is capable of cleaning any tank or product piping system which requires solution flow rates of 100 Gpm or less when used in conjunction with properly designed CIP supply/return systems and spray devices.
The standard STSU CIP system includes a 60 gallon water/recirculation tank, 7 1/2 HP, 3450 RPM pump, air operated inlet, outlet, steam, and water valves, and a control panel to interface with a user specified control system. The complete unit is mounted on a polished schedule 10 stainless steel pipe frame.


A minimal volume of solution is made up automatically to the required concentration for each specific program, used once, and discharged to waste.
Reliable hydraulic performance for tank CIP is achieved by by-passing the water supply/recirculation tank and operating supply and return pumps in series during wash and rinse recirculation.
The by-pass mode of operation reduces cross contamination risk. The tank is used for the introduction of water (s) for all programs, and for recirculation when running line programs.
This simple system includes only three (3) sanitary solution flow control valves, water and steam valves, one pump and one tank, occupies a minimum amount of space, and is capable of meeting almost all CIP needs for Dairy and Food facilities if supported by adequate water, steam and drain utilities.


Shell and tube heat exchanger for indirect heating of pre rinse, wash, and post rinse solutions.
User specified pumps and valves.
Additional 120 Gallon tank for recovering “spent” wash solution and post rinse water for use as pre rinse for subsequent program (Model SUSR). This operating concept reduces water usage by approximately one half when wash solution and post rinse are recovered and used as pre rinse and wash fill.


Electrol Specialties Company’s proprietary Model SUEA is a Single-Use, Eductor Assisted CIP system designed to significantly reduce the water, chemical, and utility requirements, and the resulting effluent, for all CIP operations.
This design is currently operating in many dairy, pharmaceutical and biotech production facilities cleaning thousands of transportation, storage, and processing tanks daily, as well as extensive process piping systems with circuits including up to 3500 feet of 2″ and 3″ sanitary tubing. When used in combination with properly designed and installed equipment and piping systems, it will support spray cleaning operations:
At flow rates to 120 Gpm.
With as little as 30-35 gallons of water in the system.
At Distances in excess of 100 feet from the recirculation unit.
The SUEA CIP Unit is based on a conical bottom Air Separation/Recirculation tank with static a down leg for minimum recirculation volume. The tank, supply and motive pumps, air operated flow control valves, and instrumentation, are all mounted on a stainless steel pipe frame.


Equally suited for dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical, and biotech operations.
Evacuates all water from supply/return lines and the vessel being spray cleaned between each step of the program, thereby eliminating potential cross contamination or mixing of incompatible solutions.

Lowest consumption of water, chemicals, and steam as compared to all alternatives.
Maximum reliability of operation and repeatability of every cycle.
Vastly superior hydraulic performance as compared to pumped return systems.
Self cleaning during each CIP cycle, with integral custom designed spray device.


Charging Recirculation Tank

Recovered solution or fresh water is supplied through the spray device to fill the air separation/recirculation tank to the operating level, after which the motive pump is started.


Fresh water or recovered solution made available to the CIP supply pump is discharged through the circuit or vessel being cleaned. Conventional 1750 Rpm or 3450 Rpm return pumps are used in combination with the eductor to achieve optimum return flow for tank CIP operations. Return flow from the line circuits is via the pressure produced by the CIP supply pump.

Wash Recirculation

The air separation/recirculation tank contains only slightly more water than that required to fill the vertical pipe and the total water in the circuit for most spray operations is less than that required to fill the supply/return piping.

Inter-Step Pump-Out

At the end of each program step; i.e., pre rinse, solution wash, post rinse, and acidified final rinse, an air blow purges the supply line to the spray device or the complete line circuit and the eductor draws all the solution from the circuit to the air separation/recirculation tank. The motive pump discharges the resultant solution to the drain or recovered solution as appropriate. Residual solution from one step to the next will be limited to the film of water remaining on the surfaces of the equipment in the circuit.


Shell and tube heat exchanger for indirect heating of pre rinse, wash, and post rinse solutions.
User specified pumps and valves.
Additional optional skid mounted water tank(s) and other features can be incorporated into your custom designed system.


Electrol Specialties Company’s Model SUTR CIP System was based on the use of the conical bottom tank and static leg originally used in the SUEA Unit. The standard SUTR is designed to accommodate the process equipment and piping cleaning needs of small to intermediate scale biotech and pharmaceutical processes, but the design has been extended to meet requirements of 240 Gpm.

The SUTR System includes a conical bottom recirculation tank with a tangential return connection, heat exchanger, supply pump, flow control valves, instrumentation, and control panel, and for the unit shown, the chemical addition system, all frame mounted in a compact footprint of three feet deep and six feet six inches wide.


Complete fully automated CIP System in minimum space requirement.
Decreased purified water consumption and waste neutralization load.
Cleans tanks up to 10,000 liter capacity and lines from ¾” to 2″ diameter.
Return Line “Hold-Back Valve” controlled by level in tank enables the determination and “fixing” of puddle volume in vessel being cleaned and in CIP tank, thus eliminating all CIPS/R balancing problems.
Totally self cleaning design by use of integral spray device and tangential return inlet which eliminates cross contamination risk between circuits.
Totally self draining.


Shell and tube heat exchanger for indirect heating of pre rinse, wash, and post rinse solutions may be mounted horizontally, or vertically for reduced space requirement.
User specified pumps and valves.
May be supplied in tank by-pass configuration to operate like STSU system described above.
Additional optional skid mounted water tank(s) may be provided for if water supply(s) is less than that required for circuit flow rates.


CIP chart recorder or data logger for permanent record of critical cleaning parameters.
A user friendly, reliable PLC/PCX based control system can be supplied with any of the above systems to provide reliable, validatable PLC control.
All units can be supplied to meet or exceed all applicable GMP, 3A, UL Standards and ASME requirements.
All Units can be designed for hazardous area locations.
Other user specified features can be incorporated into any custom designed system.


Electrol can make available material trace ability data, weld maps, and weld logs as part of our backup documentation package.