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Process Skid Manufacturer and Supplier

The Electrol Specialties Story: 

Established almost 30 years ago, Electrol Specialties is recognized by major pharmaceutical, biotech, dairy, and food processing companies as a premier supplier of custom fabricated stainless steel equipment and controls.

Modern stainless steel fabrication equipment, a skilled work force and high quality materials and components generate products which meet the high degree of sanitation and control necessary for the industries we serve.

Certified welders, material trace ability, in-house inspection, and weld maps with supporting documentation (when necessary), capabilities as a leading supplier of specialty stainless steel equipment.

ESC is listed as an Underwriters Laboratory panel builder. We are known for our applied technology, quality, reliability, responsiveness, and on-time deliveries.

PLCC and PLC interface software by our highly specialized and experienced staff to ensure appropriate cycle sequencing and provide necessary flexibility to control programming.

Our long list of satisfied customers includes prestigious names such as: (listed alphabetically) Amgen, Bayer, DuPont, Eli Lily, Genentech, Kraft, Kroger, Mayfield Dairy, Purity Dairy, Safeway Stores, and many others.

And Its CIP Related Products: 

Electrol Specialties Company began fabricating CIP System components as a vendor to one of the nations largest suppliers of cleaning chemicals to the Dairy Industry more than 50 years ago. The early products included tanks and pump suction and discharge manifolds (CIP systems were field assembled at that time), chemical pumps, CIP Control Systems and U-Bend transfer panels then called Cleaning Hook-Up Stations. ESC supplied the above components for the first three of the nations dairies designed to combine automated CIP, partial automation of process flow, and welded piping systems in 1960, and also supplied the complete Process/CIP Control Systems for two of these projects.

In 1961, ESC fabricated perhaps the first “CIP Skid” as a “Single-Tank Single-Use” CIP System already pioneered in the above projects and others. This system was designed by one of ESC current owners, and was sold and installed by another. Nearly one thousand of these essentially “standard” systems dairies, breweries, wineries, and food processors during the next 25 years, and were installed by domestic and international users. The photo to the right is an example of the first production year. This system installed in 1962 has been relocated three times, the final move being to a new adjacent facility, at which time it was upgraded to PLC control. The Transfer Panel in the background, installed at that time, is of 1986 vintage.  This CIP skid was fully functional when the new production operation it cleaned for the final 20 plus years of it’s 40 plus years of service history was shut down.

An improved air-operated piston-type chemical pump was developed by ESC in 1963 to meet the needs of the the single-use CIP system for precise chemical delivery and control.

The U-Bend connection panel was expanded to serve product flow control functions for a winery and a dairy in 1968, and these early multiple header panels evolved into the large Product Hook-Up Stations used in many of the new “Extended Shelf-Life” dairies of the 1970-1990 period, and were used on many large renovation projects also. ESC continues to fabricate many variations of these panels for pharmaceutical and biotech customers.

The large relay logic and machine tool switch based control systems of the 1960-1975 period have been replaced by solid state control systems including PLLC’s, and ESC has continuously upgraded both design and manufacturing technology to stay on the leading edge as a supplier of CIP controls.

ESC participated in the development of the SUEA (Single-Use Educator Assisted) CIP System in the late 70’s, in response to demands for CIP systems that would reduce water requirements and improve reliability.

ESC became a fabricator of spray devices to meet the special need for thousands of unique sprays to clean a dry granular food process in the early 20’s. New tube sprays and bubble sprays were combined with the fixed ball spray to clean cookers, dynamic storage bins, mixers, belt, screw and vibrator pan conveyors, multiple belt dryers, ovens and a complete fines recovery system on a fully automated basis.

The design and manufacturing expertise based on more than 40 years of experience in fabricating CIP System coggest esc4cip, the URL for this web page.